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Data in real time

Our services cater to all companies engaged in or aspiring to engage in selling on Amazon, whether as a Vendor or Seller. However, we provide an additional service exclusively for Sellers — a dedicated tool platform that offers detailed, real-time reports on the sales and advertising performance of their products.

Our platform has the following features:

General Dashboard

Sales, profits, inventory, and other important aspects of a business on Amazon, monitored in real time and presented on an intuitive, 100% customisable interface.

Widgets create a dashboard optimized according to business objectives, presenting the most important performance indicators (KPIs) with granular data.

From these solid foundations it is possible to quickly understand the progress of the Store, analyse sales and promotion strategies and easily supervise the channel.

Inventory Management

Products available, shipped and ordered, but also monthly storage fees and advice when to replenish inventory. The information is presented clearly according to personalised parameters to guide you through the inventory forecast and replenish process.

Products Data

Daily sales stats, delivery times, stock, speed of sales, BSR (Best Sellers Rank), as well as highlights of neutral/negative reviews. For every single product.

Refunds and Returns

All financial transactions and commissions, as well as returns, together with the reason for the return and the status of the returned goods.

Pay per Click

Amazon PPC performance indicators are downloaded daily: Sponsored Brands, PPC sales, ads and keyword performance are presented in a clear and organised manner.

Sales Specifications

Statistics on performance and trends to identify the days and times of the most or the fewest page views of your product and the time frames when sales are their highest and their lowest.

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