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Catalogue optimisation

We create SEO-friendly product descriptions and creative content. We also focus on planning inventory levels to improve production and logistics workflows. Finally, we ensure constant monitoring of the catalogue to act quickly on third-party changes, protect product pages from counterfeiting, and update product listings to maximise conversion rate.

1. Catalogue optimisation
  • Analysis of existing product catalogue
  • Inventory forecast
  • Creation of product listings with a SEO-oriented approach
  • Creation of logical product families
2. Content
  • Creation of graphic templates
  • Photo/video creation and editing
  • Creation of Store Front
  • A+ Content creation (Enhanced brand content)
3. Catalogue management
  • Obtaining Amazon certifications for sale purposes
  • Catalogue uploading
  • Monitoring third-party changes on product listings
  • Buy box monitoring
  • A/B testing on product listings
  • Reviews collection strategy
  • FBA Inventory management
  • Born To Run programme management
4. Brand protection
  • Brand registration on Amazon (Brand Registry)
  • Analysis of own-brand products already present in the marketplace
  • Analysis of price, margin, and type of logistics of existing sellers
  • Management of brand violations
  • Constant monitoring of price changes using a dedicated software
  • Management of the Transparency programme
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