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Advertising management

Whether you want to leverage CPC campaigns such as Sponsored Product, Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Display or focus on powerful programmatic advertising options through the Demand Side Platform (DSP), we are here to guide you. With access to a DSP account and the Amazon Marketing Cloud, we manage customised advertising strategies aligned to your company’s goals for you.

1. CPC
  • Analysis of competitive advertising scenario
  • Definition of advertising budget and bidding
  • Creation and daily optimization of Sponsored Product, Brand and Display campaigns
2. DSP
  • Advanced Targeting: use Amazon data for targeted and relevant advertising
  • Broad Coverage: extend visibility across multiple platforms beyond Amazon
  • Consumer Insights: receive detailed analytics on purchasing behaviours
  • Brand Enhancement: improve brand awareness at all stages of purchase
3. Report
  • VENDOR account: creation of ad hoc reports regarding account KPIs
  • SELLER account: access to a dedicated tool to consult detailed reports in real time
4. AMC
  • Analysis tool to measure the impact of the full marketing funnel
    Analysis examples:
  • Impressions analysis to measure the optimal frequency for each conversion metric
  • Analysis to identify which ASINs attract the greatest number of new customers
  • Analysis of overlapping advertising formats
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