Get in touch if you would like to receive a free analysis of the sales potential of your product in its Amazon category or, even if you’re not looking to sell, we can analyse the presence and reputation of your brand on the platform. We’ll get back in touch within the next 48 hours.

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    Here are some examples of what the focus of this analysis can be on:

    Brand Analysis

    • Evaluation of the latent demand for your brand by calculating the search volume, trend, and competitiveness of all the searches on Amazon that include your brand name.
    • SEO optimization study of your products by looking at how many and for which keywords they appear in the top 16 positions (the first page of Amazon) compared to category best sellers or direct competitors.
    • Positive/negative reviews sentiment analysis of your products compared to the competition to understand if it is necessary to improve communication on the product pages.
    • Monitoring of the total revenue generated by your products on Amazon, including the ones sold by resellers.

    Market Analysis

    • Assessment of the potential of a market niche by studying primarily: the overall turnover of best sellers, average price, average reviews, logistics costs, leading brands, and formats of the highest selling products.
    • Keywords analysis to find which keywords generate more traffic and sales for the best performing products in a specific niche.
    • Tracking the market share of the highest selling brands within a niche.
    • Monitoring of the turnover of the main competitors.